AoN Disease and knitting do not mix.

Last December my friend Frances taught me to knit. I was pregnant and decided to make a baby blanket as my first project. Simple, but somewhat ambitious given the time it takes to knit a huge blanket when you are a novice, and thus very slow. I made some progress but was then viciously attacked by pregnancy carpel tunnel, and that was the end of that. I barely made it past the 20 rows of seed-stitching.

Ugly Blanket

Fast forward (or rewind?) to a month ago, when I picked the project back up. Well, it looks like a cluster. The yarn is really not very soft. Good for a hat or some gloves, but not really a comfy blanket that a two year old would want to snuggle with. (I am referencing a two year old because that’s how old D would be before I ever finish this thing.)

So, I am torn. Do I give up and scrap the hours and hours of work and the yarn and just start something new? Perhaps a scarf? A friend of mine had advised me to start with a scarf way back when. I should have listened to her. She has knat the very same blanket I am attempting and told me it was quite a project to undertake as my first.

Either way, my AoN (all or nothing) disease is getting in my way. I feel like I am required to finish this blanket. Even though I KNOW it’s going to look like crap and take another year to finish and not even be a soft blanket.


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