The vaccine debate.

People typically feel very strongly about one position the other. For or against. It will save your life or it will most certainly doom your child to be autistic.

I tend to hover in the middle and found D a pedi who hovers with me. She’s not crazy about them, but does agree that benefits of vaccinating far outweigh the risks of not. For most children, especially ones that are not in daycare, she recommends a delayed schedule. It does not follow CDC guidelines to the letter, but the child is “up to date” by the time they reach two years old. She also limits the vaccines to no more than two at a time and has a minimum amount of time that must pass between dosages. I like her approach.

It also, for some reason, makes me trust her more. I feel like her departure from CDC guidelines means that a) she’s really researched her recommendations; and b) she’s not basing medical and treatment decisions on fear of malpractice lawsuits. Both of these things make me feel very confident in our decision to have her treat D.

However, we’ve run into a small issue on the subject of flu vaccines. Perhaps because I’m overly exposed to pro-vaccination messaging at work. Dr. F does not like or recommend flu shots for ANYONE. Even an 8 month old that has a neurological disorder. Instead, she insists on something called Air TEA, which we’ve used before, to boost immunities.


I have never had a flu shot. Namely because I do not like needles. But I have been insistent that I will be getting one this year because I now have an infant in the house. Also because H1N1 and the seasonal flu can infect you at the same time. Not to mention that I am a health care worker, and thus considered high-risk. All seems to be pointing to the fact that I should be vaccinated. So, I will. And so will M. And so will D.

I did ask D’s neurosurgeon, and they did not have guidelines, but offered to call the Spina Bifida clinic to see if they had any information. They strongly recommend all children with a neuro disorder be vaccinated. I figure that Dr. F is there as a resource. She has the vaccines available, even though she does not recommend them. I just have a gut feeling that if I don’t vaccinate him, something will happen. And then I will feel guilty. Thankfully, there is a Thimerisol-free version of the flu shot for infants, and that’s what he will be getting.


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  1. intentsandpurposes says:

    I think you’ve made a great decision. I’m glad you like your doc and trust her, but I think she’s way off base about flu shots. I’ve been listening to a lot of info about them on npr lately and it’s surprising how much misinformation is floating around even doctor communities. Big ups to you for being such a good health care consumer.

  2. Jessica says:

    we did our own customized delayed schedule too (you know, with my medical degree and all). sophie finally had the dreaded MMR this month and it went off without a hitch! it felt GOOD to be done. and i am GLAD we did it, sort of, the way we were comfortable with. it’s real cool when your pedi is both a genius AND listens to your wishes (as long as he is convinced you, yourself, are not an idiot).

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