Car and court.

I cannot decide what to do, and I need some help.

Two weeks ago I was involved in a minor accident on campus. I did everything right, but I was still cited with a ticket and “at fault” because of the circumstances. The cop that reported to the scene was kind but said he was required to write a ticket when there was an accident. I understood why it had to go to me and not the other lady, but it was still upsetting. He nudged me in the direction of fighting the citation and going to court.

I talked to another one of the campus police today that I know pretty well from being at events together. He said that cop was a rookie and that no, he didn’t have to write me a ticket and that her personally never writes tickets if he didn’t witness the accident. And also that there was no one else that witnessed it, so the ticket really wasn’t warranted. And that I should go to court.

It’s just frustrating, because it’s a no-win situation. The ticket is $146. The class to get the points off my license is another $25. If I go to court I can avoid both of those charges. BUT, I also have to use an entire day of vacation, which I just don’t think is fair. For jury duty, you get to use administrative leave. But, to go to court to contest a ticket you shouldn’t receive you have to use vacation.

While we’re on that subject, can I just tell you how sick I am of using vacation for things like doctors appointments, and hospital stays and going to freaking traffic court?! I’d like to go on an ACTUAL vacation, thank you.

And I am. In December. But this is eating into that time and I feel like I always have to have some crazy bank of time in case D needs surgery and so on and so on.

Anyway, what should I do?


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  1. franny says:

    tough call, sometimes it’s easier just to pay. but most of the time it’s not. it’ll really take a whole day? what if you could use just half a vacation day for it? I dunno…maybe this little blip is something the emergency fund is there for…that would be what I would do.

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