Picking this back up.

Oy. Sorry for the long-time, no-post issue going on here. I will try to get better.

Highlights occurring at the moment that I should have been blogging about:

1. Donovan’s kidneys turned out to be alright. He does have a bit of reflux, but nothing major. We’re just watching it.

2. Something funky is going on with his shunt, but we’re not sure what. Could be a couple of things, but we’re thinking it’s still draining too much, which means he didn’t need it and his ETV kicked in, and they’ll probably do and MRI and turn off the shunt and wait and see, and eventually (and hopefully) take it out!

3. He’s getting baptized on Sunday!

4. I hosted Thanksgiving for 27 people. Ah!

5. It’s almost Christmas!

Work and home life have been crazy. Not bad, just nuts. Swine flu madness at work. Holiday madness at home.

Anyway, I promise to try and get batter at this whole blogging thing. I see my stats that some people are still checking up on me in here, so thanks! I really do appreciate that you care. Here’s a picture to make up for it. Smooches.


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