Constantly conflicted.

I am pro-life. Always have been. Always will be. I am not one to rub it in someone’s face or protest, like you see in Juno. Regardless of your beliefs, I’m sure it’s a very hard thing to go through. I wouldn’t shame anyone. I would feel sad for them. How horrible to have to make that choice. It is the reason I did not elect to have any prenatal testing. I didn’t even want the option of termination to be suggested. It is the reason I would refuse and amnio. There is a 3% miscarriage rate.

Every election year this results in a huge conflict for me. I have voted in three presidential elections. The first two, I voted for G.W. Bush. Not because I considered myself a Republican. Not because I thought he’d do the best job. Because he was pro-life and said he would make an effort to fight Roe v. Wade. Well, he didn’t. He did nothing. Abortion rates did decrease, but not as a result of his efforts. He was too busy getting us into a war.

So, last year I decided I was not voting on just one single issue. I would not elect someone to office for eight years to watch them do nothing in regards to why I voted for them. So, I voted for President Obama, and was very happy he won. I think he is a good person, and most certainly was the better man for the job (although my first choice was Hillary Clinton…because how awesome would it be if a Woman were in charge?!). He never made any promises about abortion. Pretty much dodged questions when they were asked. This was annoying, but I agreed with most of his other policies.

But recently…I’ve been getting a little frustrated. Between health care reform, and sending more troops to Afganistan (one of which is my cousin) my GOBAMA! attitude is waining a bit.

And then I see this:

It makes me feel guilty. I know this is just Evangelical Christian Guilt (and you thought there was only Catholic Guilt!). Videos or propaganda like this are used all the time in Evangelical churches during election time. (I actually stopped attending a church because of a ridiculous video shown as the prologue to an even more ridiculous sermon.) I say propaganda, because most of the videos I’ve seen are not quoting individuals correctly, taking things out of context, etc.


That’s it. I feel conflicted. There’s nothing I can do about it really. I will just continue to pray for our president and try to do my own little part in at least making people think before they chose to terminate.

Did your beliefs impact your vote? How do you feel about the President’s job so far?


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