Resolution #4: No more diet soda.

Established: January 17, 2010.


I am not one to drink a diet soda every day, but probably have a few every week. The taste it leaves in my mouth is disgusting. What it is probably doing to my body is even more disgusting.

Additionally, I recently read  that artificial sweeteners trick your brain into thinking that anything sweet does not have calories, and thus it shuts down the hormone that helps you burn calories. Making you FAT. Wha? Who knows if that is true, but I’m choosing to believe it. Ten years of consuming diet soda has certainly not made me thin.

So, resolution four…I resolve to kick out the diet sodas. If I wank a coke that bad, I can just suck it up and drink the good stuff with all the sugar high fructose corn syrup. (That is a whooole other resolution.)


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  1. Rose Mary says:

    I need to jump on this band-wagon. I’ve heard the negatives about diet soda but have just kept drinking those diet mnt dews. If you can do it, I guess I can too!

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