The 28th day.

First and foremost, so sorry for the lack of blogging. Life has been hectic around here. I was sick. The husband was sick. Donovan was sick. Family stuff. Friend stuff. Lots of obligations. And oh, I am pregnant. That too.

Most of the people reading this already know, but if you don’t…now you do. Here is the hard evidence:


Yes, it was planned.

Yes, we will have two under two.

Yes, I prefer it that way.

And yes, I’ve been taking a truck load of folic acid.

And today. Today is the 28th day of gestation. You probably don’t know the significance of this day unless you’ve had a baby with Spina Bifida. Today is the day that the spinal cord finished forming and closes. This is the day that something went wrong with Donovan.

I thought that today I would feel anxious. Nervous. Upset maybe? But I don’t. Once again I have sort of surprised myself at how calm I am. Mostly because there’s nothing I can do about it.

People always ask me that too…about everything we go through. How are you so calm? How are you not hysterical. On top of the fact that I’m not one to be super emotional about anything (which does not mean I don’t care) it’s just out of my hands. Personally, I believe in God. So, I have my trust in him. Any child will be a blessing. He’ll give me what he wants me to have.

But, even if I didn’t. Still…there’s NOTHING we can do to fix this. They don’t know why it happens or how to prevent it. All I can do is take 10x the amount of folic acid I took last time around, avoid being overheated, and wait.

So, that’s what I’m doing. And I know, no matter what, it will be okay.


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