I realized reading through my last post that I titled it 1441, but gave no reference as to what that meant. My bad. That was my beta number. Which placed me at 2-3 weeks, according to the lab technician. Well, after getting my hands on a physical copy, I felt a little bit uplifted that it was 2-3 weeks gestational age, which means 4-5 weeks pregnant. Still behind, but a lot closer to the six weeks I should have been.

2098 was my beta number 48 hours later. It should have doubled, but it didn’t. Which just leaves me feeling confused. I could be a slow riser. I could just still be rising even though nothing is happening in there.

This all gave me a few glimers of hope, which I know is stupid. My numbers are still low. They are not doubling. I still don’t feel pregnant in the least. I still have the image of an empty sac burned in my mind.

The next step is another ultrasound, which is scheduled for 12:45pm on Friday. Which I will have to run to after D’s Spina Bifida clinic. Max wont be able to come, which really sucks. But such is life. It will be okay. I hope I have happy news to report back to him (and all of you).


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