Grrr, shunt.


The stupid shunt.

No, not stupid. Without that shunt, my son wouldn’t live to see many years.

So, that frustrating shunt? Sure.

Donovan is in his longest stretch without an MRI since he had it placed almost a year ago. It’s been five months, and we were scheduled to go one more. But then he started fussing a lot. And coughing. And I got nervous and asked them to move it up.

Nevermind the fact that he had a respritory infection, a double ear infection and is cutting about three molars at once.

I still suspect the shunt. I feel like I will never be able to not worry about it. Perhaps that’s not true. Perhaps when he can talk and say, “yo Mom, my head hurts,” I will stop worrying.

But not for now. Especially not when I see him on his monitor shoving his head into the side of his crib. Like he’s trying to put pressure on something that’s hurting.

Anyway, he had a flash MRI tonight, will have his shunt reprogrammed tomorrow, and has an appointment with our most favorite neurosurgeon next Thursday. We haven’t been able to see Dr. P since the surgery last July because of various scheduling conflicts, so I’m very anxious to hear what his interpretation is.


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