Weight Watchers.

Since I was on my little hiatus when I started it, I have neglected to mention that after 15+ months of carrying around the last 10lbs of baby weight, I’ve decided to do something about it: Weight Watchers.

And I am LOVING it.

I’ve done it before, and it didn’t work real well. Who knows why. But this time? This time it is working PERFECTLY.

I started on a Monday, but my weigh-ins are on Friday because I like my points to reset for the weekend in case I consume a lot of junk food and/or booze (let’s be real, the latter is more likely).

So, here are the stats:

Week One (only four days on): -1.2lbs

Week Two (first full week): -3.6lbs

Total: 4.8lbs

Isn’t that exciting! It is so worth it. I do not feel deprived, though I do sometimes feel hungry. I know that my body is adjusting quickly and I’m already feeling the effects when I’m getting dressed. I bought some Khaki pants the Sunday before I started that were snug. As of two days ago, I could slip them on and off without unbuttoning them. AMAZING.

I ❤ you Weight Watchers.

I should also add that I am currently doing the Couch to 5K running program, using the C25K app for the iPhone. I’m loving it and forgot how much I love to run. I earned five activity points this week, but didn’t end up eating any of them.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. intentsandpurposes says:

    good for you! the 5K thing is totally awesome. since my foot will always be broken, you’ve inspired to me finally buy a new bike and start biking to work (8 miles!).

  2. kari says:

    totally loved weight watchers too. saved my life!! well not really. but i loved it and lost like 20 lbs on it!! GOOOOOO erin. good luck

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