Gold star for me!


I was not looking forward to this morning’s weigh in. I’ve been feeling fat and bloated and disgusting. All because of my first postpartum lady friend. Slore.

Anyway, I did good on Weight Watchers this week as far as points but have not been able to go running because the husband has had to leave for work as soon as I get home every night, and I loath the jogging stroller. It makes me feel so sluggish. Like a slug. Or a snail. Or another slimy animal that is sloooooooooow.

Anyhoo, I was expecting to just stay the same or gain…but I didn’t! I lost a pound. Not a ton, no. But, I’ll take it! It also pushed me to a total of 5.8lbs lost so far, and Weight Watchers rewarded me with a cute little virtual sticker.

It also means I am halfway to my first goal weight – my weight before I got pregnant with Donovan.

The next several weeks are going to be full of opportunities for me to screw up and gain it all back – parties, traveling, birthdays, etc. But I am committed to staying committed. This is the first time in a long time I’ve been able to lose weight, and I really don’t want to screw it up.


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