Spruced up, yet again.


Do I have blog ADD? Why yes, I do.

I think I am finally happy with how things are looking around here and am ready to get back to regularly scheduled blogging.

See those tabs at the top? I am trying to be a little more organized and a little more focused. Not only for myself, my readers (which are few, but very appreciated). Over the last few months, I’ve not really talked much about Spina Bifida and special needs, which is the main reason I actually take the time to write this blog. Even though I feel pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things, I have had people reach out to me to tell me what they’ve read has helped them. I feel really grateful for that, and also very responsible to keep helping. Because like it or not, having a child with a birth defect automatically makes you an advocate for their quality of life.

However, having a child with a special need does not take over your whole life, and I want people to see that. I have a lot of hobbies, and at least some time to devote to them. So, I will also be paying more attention to blogging about cooking, knitting, sewing, diet and exercise, and some random thoughts thanks to WordPress’ new Plinky application. (I think it is super fun, so I’m participating. You should too.)

Anyway, I’m trying to write at least one post per week about each of the six topics. If you see me slacking, be sure to e-slap me into submission. Please and thank you.


One Comment Add yours

  1. So glad your “back.”

    Your’s is one of my favorites.

    (from the HennHouse)

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