Catching up on D: 17 months.

17 Months.

So, it’s been quite some time since I’ve given an update on Donovan or written anything related to Spina Bifida in general. FAIL. But, as mentioned last week, I am trying to get back to this as it was the original intent of this blog to help people walking through this journey right along with me.

Anyway, just a little update on Donovan.

1. He’s just over 17 months old. (Holy CRAP.)

2. He is a crawling maniac.

3. He sometimes thinks he’s a dog.

4. He’s saying quite a few words, though they may not be entirely recognizable by anyone but us.

5. He graduated from Occupational Therapy after only a month!

6. He has a lot of teeth and several molars. The first molar decided to break through a day after The Great Motrin Recall of 2010. That was super fun.

7. He’s stood on his own about five times!

8. He’s still a very cautious baby and I do believe that is the reason he’s not walking yet. It is also the reason that nothing in our house is baby-proofed. Go ahead and judge me.

9. He’s sort of getting over his separation anxiety. But only with the old Spanish lady at church who looks like his Great Abuela and he hugs her while his lower lip quivers. He’s still not keen on the gym’s Kid’s Klub. (I really hate spelling things like Club as Klub.)

10. (Saved the best for last!) We’re almost to a year with his shunt! This is a BIG milestone since most shunt malfunctions occur within the first year of being placed. (Not to jinx my very favorite piece of plastic tubing, but if he makes it to a year, I shall name him since he’s likely here to stay for a while. Please place your suggestions in the comment box.)

So, that’s it in a nutshell. He’s doing really, really well. He continues to amaze us and his doctors and pretty much everyone that knows he has Spina Bifida. However, moving into toddler-hood has me thinking about things I haven’t up to this point. Like: 1. When do I even start to think about potty training?; 2. What am I supposed to do about swim lessons?; 3. This kid is eating a lot…do I need to start controlling his diet?

I realize that most of these are things I can discuss with his Pedi at his 18 month well-baby, but if you have any insight, I’d love to hear!


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  1. Katie Melvin/ Ross says:

    Erin- I don’t have any tips I can provide for you since I’m not a mom…..yet. However I just want to say that you always seem to get it right! Keep doing what your doing because the answers seem to just come natural to you.

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