Taco bites.

I am a fan of food that is cute. Also, food that is easy. Also, food that is yummy.

Here’s something I put together for dinner the other night. I thought it was quite delicious, and would make an awesome party food, as there are no utensils required, and you can shove the whole thing in your mouth in just one bite.

First, brown about a pound of ground beef. I prefer lean. Drain, if needed. When it’s finished browning, mix in a packet of taco seasoning. Or make your own if you are less lazy than I.


Then, fill your Scoops tortilla chips with the yummy meat. I use the Baked! Scoops. I am not normally a fan of baked chips, but I swear to the baby Jesus, you cannot tell the difference.


Then, sprinkle with cheese. I use the pre-shredded Mexican blend. Because of the lazy.


Then, pop them under the broiler! Because what’s better than cheese? Melted cheese.

Melt, little babies.

Now’s where things get interesting. Or fun. Or fun and interesting. You top the little darlings with whatever you would like/have on hand. This particular evening, I had a full batch of The Pioneer Woman’s Salsa and sour cream (low fat!) so that’s what I used.

Don't be shy.

And then you EAT! And oh my, they were delicious. I hope you enjoy.

Also, would this not make excellent football food? They made me nostalgic for September. (Go Gators!)


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  1. frannypak says:

    my whole life my daddy made nachos for football that were almost identical, except vegetarian. they didn’t have scoops when I was little, so he just used the big round chips and put a glop of refried beans on it, some cheese, and a little jalapeno ring on each one and threw it under the broiler. then we dipped them in salsa. man….I love those things. can’t wait for football season!

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