Donovan: 18 Months.


Yes, this is a little late. That’s because Donovan’s six month birthday also happens to fall on our anniversary! So, while I had the entire week off, I was enjoying spending time with my family, and not so much the interwebs. Sorry, interwebs.

So, here we go…

1. Still not walking, but getting a little more brave about standing on his own. You know, in really safe places…like the bath tub.

2. He had some sort of crazy word explosion and now will repeat his own special version of almost anything we say. It’s a good thing we don’t swear. Usually.

3. He says “bye-bye” to everyone and everything. The gym. Strangers. His food.

4. He thinks everything is hot – like key lime pie and avocados.

5. Speaking of avocados…he LOVES guacamole, but not avocado on its own. I try telling him how much this hurts my feelings, but he doesn’t care.

6. He has a new BFF! A couple I actually met through this blog live about 15 minutes away from me, and just had a little boy with Spina Bifida. Grayson was born August 2, and just went home last night! We are so happy to have met this family because it so nice to have people “in real life” to relate to what we go through.

7. As covered earlier…Donovan is now in the “walkers” room at church. While he can’t walk without assistance, I can tell that he loves the interaction with the older children. I’m really happy I made the decision to fight for him to be moved.

8. Spina Bifida clinic is coming up next month. I’m a little nervous about it…not sure why. I’m not sure if the Ortho will be happy he’s not walking yet, and what that will lead to. I’m really just hoping his bladder and kidneys are still doing well so that we don’t have to start cathing. It’s not the end of the world, just something I’d love to continue avoiding.

9. He sweats a lot. We keep thinking about cutting off his hair, but I cannot part with his luscious locks. They are so pretty.

10. Please are still asking me if he is a girl. I’m just very confused at this point. Yes, he has more hair (even after two haircuts) than most girls his age. And yes, he looks like he is wearing mascara (which is about the only physical feature he got from Max). But dudes…he is wearing sports shirts and cargo shorts most of the time. Get. The. Hint.


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  1. Leigh says:

    So great to hear how well he is doing!! HA! As I read this Grey is blowing on his peaches…so I know where you are coming from with everything being hot! So glad you fought for D and he is in the walking room!! I’m sure he LOVES it!

  2. Joanna says:

    So I just found your blog and we have so much in common…
    a) We know Leigh!! Hi Leigh! She’s my friend too! lol But then again who’s NOT friends with Leigh??
    b) My son Jet also has SB, was born in May 2009, has precious curls (that I secretly want to put bows in) NEEDS a second haircut (but the first one traumatized me) and dark eyelashes to make the lady babies jealous, gets called a “she” at least twice a day and also loves to stand in the bathtub! I let him. Daddy says no.
    c) I am 26 and also love photography and hilariously related to your post about being skinny when you got married and “thinking” you were fat and want to scream now! lol.
    d) Donovan was on our “boy names” list. That would have been freaky if we went with it.
    e) I also wallow with milkshakes.
    f) I live in Ga and that’s close to Fl
    Okay – is that enough now? 🙂 I thought going through all 26 letters of the alphabet would have made me look stalker-ish. lol. Nice to meet you! Look forward to following your blog.
    – Joanna

    1. Erin says:

      Hi Joanna! Nice to “meet” you too! I took a look-see at your blog and I DIE at the red hair. Adorable!

      Too bad you live in Georgia! We could totally be BFFs!

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