#1: Read the Bible. {100 Change Challenge}

I decided to make this my first change because my relationship with God should be my #1 priority. I’m not going to pretend like it is, but I know it should be. That’s something I’m working on this year in general – making more time for Him. He and I…it is a relationship after all.

Reading the Bible is something I do pretty often, but not every day. And much like every diet I’ve ever attempted, when I miss a day it becomes really hard to get back on track. I’ve talked about this with Max and he was able to pinpoint that I felt the need to study the Bible, instead of just enjoying it. In the past couple of months, I’ve become much more consistent at reading most days, because I am just reading for pleasure – much like I would a novel – instead of making myself take notes, read commentary, etc.

I bought this One Year Bible a few years ago because it’s in my favorite translation – the New Living Translation. They layout of the plan is also appealing because you get a little bit of everything, every day – old testament, new testament, psalms and proverbs.

I think at some point I made it into February. Whoops. But, I’m committed to making this year different


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  1. Jenna says:

    Kent is reading through this year too. He uses an app on the iPad called YouVersion and he loves it. It’s laid out so well and is very practical. Anyway, his view is pretty much the same as yours – view it as a good read and not a chore. It’s much easier and enjoyable that way. He also said not to kill yourself if you get off a few (or many) days. The goal is to read it and the time frame is not the most critical thing.

    Happy reading!

    1. Erin says:

      Well then, Jenna…why don’t you join us? 🙂

      I tried using YouVersion once and the app was being all funky for me. I did like the paperback version of this Bible so much that I bought it again for my Kindle, so I’m pretty happy about that. It’s actually the only book I’ve ever purchased the paper version and the electronic version. I’m such a good Christian!

  2. Jenna says:

    You are a good Christian – think of all those crowns your are racking up. 😉

    I am giving serious thought to joining in the fun. I read through once when I was 14 and again when I was 16. However, that was a long, long time ago and I really want to do it again. I confess, I remember pretty much nothing of I and II Chronicles.


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