2012. And my “resolution”.


Here it is. The new year.

Currently, I am sitting at my computer typing up this post because I can’t sleep. Why, you ask? Well, it’s not because I’m busy partying or sipping champagne. It’s because there are fireworks (or bullets) going off in the ghetto across our fence, and I can’t sleep until it stops. Also – PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – don’t send group texts to people at midnight. Some of us are old and boring and trying to sleep.

Moving on.

As promised, I’m planning on getting back to blogging this year. I didn’t really mean to abandon my little corner of the internet for over a year, but with a new job, two moves, trying to make new friends…and oh, raising a toddler, things have just been a little busy.

But now to this resolution of mine. It’s not exactly a resolution…more of a project. Or a challenge. Let’s call it The 100 Change Challenge…because I like alliteration. I’ve tried it once before and was unsuccessful. Primarily because of not being in the greatest state emotionally, due to a soul-sucking job. Since I actually love my job now, I’ve had a much more successful year at improving various areas of my life. So, I’m hoping this is something that continues on into 2012.

So, the project is that I plan to make 100 changes to my lifestyle this year. By lifestyle I mean the whole me – mind, body and soul. This sounds like a lot, but I don’t really think it will be. Many of them are things I already do, but not consistently – take my vitamins, read the Bible, floss, drink at least 64oz of water a day, and so on.

I’ve learned in the last few years that God laughs at my plans and likes to throw me curve balls, so I’m not planning on planning out my changes like I did before. I didn’t plan on having a baby with Spina Bifida, or a miscarriage, or living where I’m living or working in the field I’m working. All of these things have happened for a reason, but I am finding myself to be a much happier person living for the day, and not getting wrapped up in some picture of what I want my life to be like. So, I’m making them up as I go, to face what my current challenges are at that moment. Because honestly, I have no idea what my life will look like in a year.

Anyway…I’m pretty excited about this little plan of mine. 100 changes in a year, means a new challenge every three or four days. And I’ll be sure to post them all here. Feel free to follow along!


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