It’s a…perfect spine!


So sorry for the delay of good news after my very melancholy post. But, I’m so, so, so happy to report that I am carrying a perfectly healthy baby.

Oh, also. It’s a girl!

They checked every inch of her. Went down her spine, bone by bone, twice! Looked at it from two different angels. Checked her brain and her ventricles (which was how they caught Donovan’s Spina Bifida). The words beautiful and perfect were used too many times to count.

I had gotten a call back from the genetic counselor the afternoon before that my blood work came back “beautiful”, giving me a 1 in 800-something-or-other chance for SB, which was actually much lower than my age-based risk factor (which is 1 in 400-something…weird – I’m only 29!). So, I went into the ultrasound pretty relieved and excited to find out if I was having a Rory or a Logan, and not as concerned something was wrong.

I was also relieve to see my giant placenta was still hanging out anterior-style, which was why I still wasn’t feeling much.

But, she was moving and kicking and just looking like a sweet little baby. She kept her legs crossed like a lady until the very last minute when the tech almost forgot to look back and tell us the sex!

With Donovan, I truly did not care about the sex. I didn’t express any interest in one gender or another. And, I didn’t care this time either. When people asked I told them if someone held a gun to my head, I’d probably pick a boy, but it didn’t matter. Which is how I felt.

But, I’m really excited. Much more so than I thought I would be. This is going to be our last baby, care of a tubal ligation during my c-section. I’m confident in that decision. I’m done with pregnancy, and both Max and I would love to foster and/or adopt some day. But, part of me was a tad bit nervous if I never had my own biological daughter that maybe I’d be missing out on something? Now that is not a concern.

Also, the shopping! And, the knitting!

Anyhoo, that is the happy report. I’m not sure how much I’ll keep this blog updated. I’m crazy busy with work and a big consulting gig. I’m also still not feeling great. But thank you, thank you for your thoughts and prayers! God has been so faithful to us.


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