It’s a…perfect spine!

So sorry for the delay of good news after my very melancholy post. But, I’m so, so, so happy to report that I am carrying a perfectly healthy baby. Oh, also. It’s a girl! They checked every inch of her. Went down her spine, bone by bone, twice! Looked at it from two different angels….


So, my commitment earlier this year to blog didn’t really pan out. Things have been busy. Aside from work and having a three year old, my family has faced some of the hardest months of our lives due to a series of medical emergencies and unfortunately, the very tragic death of my husband’s brother-in-law, who…

New look.

So, with my reinvigorization (I made that word up.) into blogging, I thought I’d try to spruce things up around here. What do you think? Honestly? I sort of think it’s a little too in-your-face. So, I think I’ll probably keep changing it around. Agree? Disagree? Don’t give a crap? Let me know! ETA: I…

Vintage D.

I wandered over to Pioneer Woman tonight to see what Ree was up to, and there’s a new photo assignment/contest! I’ve never entered one. Mainly because I’m not talented. But this picture was some freak accident in which I was not even looking through the view finder, and wa-la. So, I photoshopped it a bit….


Pardon me, but I am in the middle of the sinus infection from hell. Be back soon.

S’Mores on a stick.

Every year my friend throws a Christmas party, which is more commonly called The Dessert Party, because there is a dessert contest. I won one year. However, I don’t remember how I made the winning Apple Baklava, so I will share this year’s recipe. Which did not win. And I didn’t find it particularly wonderful,…