I’m Erin. I’m a 28 year-old working mother. I’m married to an awesome guy who is man enough to be a stay-at-home dad. And he rocks at it. We live in Florida. We love television, football, the cold weather and Jesus.

Our son, Donovan, is two. He is the most amazing little boy. He plays jokes on us, rolls his eyes at us (I’m sorry, but it’s adorable), prays for us, hugs and kisses us, and makes us proud. He also happens to have Spina Bifida. It’s not quite the nightmare most people would have you believe it is. It gets a little rough sometimes, but most of the time we are just like any other family with any other two-year-old. There are giggles and time-outs a plenty.

You’ll see me write about Spina Bifida a lot. It’s not because it “defines” us as a family, or that it’s just so terrible. It’s just that there is an epidemic of misinformation out there. There are worse-case scenarios with every child, birth defect or not. But, half of all babies diagnosed with Spina Bifida while still in utero are aborted. And that just makes me mad. I’m trying to do any little things I can to change that. I am unapologetically pro-life, but even if I weren’t, you can’t tell me my son’s life is not worth living.

I want to help share the truth about Spina Bifida. And the truth is that yes, sometimes it sucks. But most of the time, it’s just fine. And beyond that, it will give you an outlook on life that few others can appreciate. And for that, I am thankful.


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  1. Erin says:

    Hi Erin, my name is also Erin! We are expecting our first daughter in 9 weeks. She has Spina Bifida like your son. They are telling us her lesion is sacral and very small; affecting one maybe two segments. The ultrasound techs and doctors have to look a long time to finally pinpoint the area. She does not have hydro or clubbed feet. She is a mover and a shaker right now, kicking like crazy and I am taking that as a good sign. The doctors are telling us her prognosis is really good. She will most likely have issues with her feet and maybe bladder/bowel issues. She will probably have braces on her feet or inserts in her shoes to help her walk but walking is still very much on the table. All of which sounds scary but we are ready to fight for her to get the best care and lead her own version of a normal life. I would love to know about our journey and hear any advice you can pass on. Right now, my focus is getting her here full-term. I can’t think about the next few steps after that because I start to lose my control.

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